Do what you need to do (even if you don’t love it)

I had a little dust-up on Twitter this evening when someone I followed said it was a parent’s moral duty, for the sake of their child, to quit a job they did not love. I took a bit of offense at that. It’s hard not to read that and apply it to the parents in my life — my own, my friends, myself. Many (if not most) of us setting aside what we love for lesser, more lucrative, work.

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Just Like Starting Over

My son, standing in the New River while my web site dies.

I was wading in the New River this weekend when I got an automated email message saying my web site was down. The New River is huge and ancient. It’s the third oldest river in the world. And it’s been in my metaphorical back yard for about eleven (non-continuous) years, but this weekend was the first time I had actually ever touched the water while it was still in the actual river.

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