U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton checks her PDA upon her departure in a military C-17 plane from Malta bound for Tripoli,  Libya

The Washington Free Beacon says equal pay advocate Hillary Clinton paid her female Senate staffers 72¢ for every $1 she paid a man.

The salaries speak for themselves. The data shows that women in her office were paid 72 cents for every dollar paid to men. Despite the numbers, Clinton and her allies have long-touted her as “a fighter for equal pay.”

The Free Beacon goes on to explain that this is much worse than is typical for the Washington, DC area:

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Barak Obama wins reelection, November 12, 2012. OFA/Scout Tufankjian

With the Senate changing hands and conservatives winning big in gubernatorial races yesterday, there are a lot of upset people. People who don’t normally talk about or follow politics are suddenly surprised, angry, disgusted. Change seems to happen so slowly; people seem to be making crazy decisions based on poor information and deliberate lies.

It does, and they are. I am not going to lie to you. But there is opportunity here for people who want to make a change.

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In a stunning display of naïveté for someone whose political career has spanned 30 years and is not named David Brooks, David Brooks discovers politics-based discrimination. He advises a college student who interned at “a conservative think tank” not to remove that from his resumé, then has a rethink.

Even if people disagreed with his politics, I argued, they’d still appreciate his public spiritedness. But now I’m thinking that advice was wrong. There’s a lot more political discrimination than I thought. In fact, the best recent research suggests that there’s more political discrimination than there is racial discrimination.

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When Obama was elected in 2008 there was a brief moment when (mostly white, mostly conservative) folks celebrated the end of racism. “A black man is president!” they said. “That must mean racism is over!” I don’t think these folks ever really believed that racism existed in the first place. They read it instead as an excuse — it was just a scam by black people to get a free ride from the government and shut people up.

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It can be difficult to impossible to know who is treating you and why.

Earlier this month I went to the doctor for a checkup. I left with medications that I will probably take for the rest of my life. Most were cheap, but one — a statin — costs $2 a dose. As near as I can tell, I don’t need it and am better off without it. My cholesterol numbers are quite good. Even the doctor said so. But he prescribed the statin any way, because why not? I can think of about 720 reasons annually.

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