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When I started this weblog way back in 2002 it was under very similar political circumstances. A Republican president had won the electoral college without winning the popular vote; a bizarre reactionary throwback was Attorney General, and the government seemed hell-bent on starting multiple wars.

One big change here: the Trump administration, if you can call it that, is starting wars inside its own government. Today, in fact, the man we call 45 is having a snit-fit over failing to pass Obamacare repeal and is threatening to cut off Congress’s health care. Oh, and defund the Obamacare subsidies. I guess he thinks if Obamacare dies because he drowns it everyone will blame Obama instead of him? I don’t think that’s the way it works, but to be honest I’ve been proven wrong a lot in the last year and change.

The really active time for me in blogging was from 2002 to about mid-2007. After that things got a bit more difficult for me. My own team in the White House was bad for outrage-based writing for starters. But to be honest, I was kind of sick of outrage-based writing. And then as the Shouting Sprout got older, started talking, and needed shepharding off to school my time for blogging kind of evaporated. Facebook happened and a lot of my rants went there (where people actually comment).

Oh, and I also started getting “serious” about writing. Which of course meant I started doing a whole lot less of it.

This blog has been rebooted more times than a superhero movie franchise. A lot of the writing from 2007 to now is floating about in the ether somewhere – in a SQL dump, maybe, or on On Tumblr or Medium. Some of my old posts are back up here; ones that are interesting to me at least or still somewhat relevant. I am still digging through those archives.



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