Black and white photo of Louis Prima

Louis Prima: The Wildest!


A friend of mine has been listening to albums off of this list and posting about them on Facebook, which inspires me to do the same thing here. I’ll be posting listening notes.

The first one I chose was Louis Prima’s “The Wildest” from 1956. It’s hard to believe I never heard this album. A few standout tracks – I’ve linked them here from YouTube but the audio quality will be a lot better if you can find it on Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Play.

I didn’t think I knew Prima, but his voice sounded awfully familiar. At first I chalked it up to him sounding like a blend between Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra, but no, that wasn’t it. He sounds familiar because Louis Prima was King Louis in Disney’s The Jungle Book.

This has rapidly become one of my favorite albums; definitely check it out.