We brought a dead musician back to life and you won’t believe what happened next

one_musician A friend of mine posted this thing on Facebook. I put it somewhere here in this post, but you know blog archives, it might have gone missing by the time you read this. What it said was:

You can bring one dead musician back to life. who [sic]1 would you pick?

Gosh. So many choices. Louie Armstrong. Left-Eye. The smothered shade of Roger Waters’ humility. But the rules say one choice, so we’ve got to pick one. Who2 to choose?

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How to Make a Difference in Politics

Barak Obama wins reelection, November 12, 2012. OFA/Scout Tufankjian

With the Senate changing hands and conservatives winning big in gubernatorial races yesterday, there are a lot of upset people. People who don’t normally talk about or follow politics are suddenly surprised, angry, disgusted. Change seems to happen so slowly; people seem to be making crazy decisions based on poor information and deliberate lies.

It does, and they are. I am not going to lie to you. But there is opportunity here for people who want to make a change.

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Partyism and political labels

In a stunning display of naïveté for someone whose political career has spanned 30 years and is not named David Brooks, David Brooks discovers politics-based discrimination. He advises a college student who interned at “a conservative think tank” not to remove that from his resumé, then has a rethink.

Even if people disagreed with his politics, I argued, they’d still appreciate his public spiritedness. But now I’m thinking that advice was wrong. There’s a lot more political discrimination than I thought. In fact, the best recent research suggests that there’s more political discrimination than there is racial discrimination.

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Let’s talk some more about racism

When Obama was elected in 2008 there was a brief moment when (mostly white, mostly conservative) folks celebrated the end of racism. “A black man is president!” they said. “That must mean racism is over!” I don’t think these folks ever really believed that racism existed in the first place. They read it instead as an excuse — it was just a scam by black people to get a free ride from the government and shut people up.

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