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Keep On Keeping On: Playlist


I don’t know about you, but there’s so much music coming at me that I have trouble going back and listening to stuff I thought was interesting in the moment but need to spend more time with. So I’m going to make weekly playlists of stuff that’s caught my attention recently. These are going to be eclectic and may or may not follow a theme depending on what my listening patterns have been like recently, but hopefully you will find some good stuff in each one. Links below, a little discussion about some of the specific songs afterwards.

Note: The Spotify playlist is slightly different; “Ain’t No Cure for the Way You Walk” is unavailable there, as is the 1996 live version of “Halcyon And On And On.”

The Playlist:

This playlist is fourteen songs and runs about seventy-five minutes. TLDL edition: tracks 2, 5, 11, 14.

  1. I Beg Your Pardon, Kon Kan. I just wrote about this one.
  2. If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night): Ndegeocello’s bassline (I’m assuming that’s her) absolutely kills me. The beat has a New Jack Swing thing going on – always a plus in my book.
  3. Jesus, Etc, Wilco. This song makes me think I didn’t spend as much time with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as it deserved.
  4. Al Green, Blackberry Jam. Come for the pot song, stay for the extended guitar and synth solos.
  5. 8pt Agenda, Herbaliser ft. Latyrx: One of the few songs I’ve ever put on an individual repeat. It will supplement your knowledge with substance.
  6. West Coast Poplock, Ronnie Hudson: Tupac took this song and turned it into “California Love.” Hudson’s original is very Parliament-sounding.
  7. Ain’t No Cure For the Way You Walk, Transient. There is a sample from “Shoop” in here but I can’t place the other one. Help me.
  8. Halcyon And On And On, Orbital: this song is ubiquitous in movie soundtracks, with good reason. This live version has a twist ending.
  9. Bass Head, Bassnectar: Not pronounced like the fish, although that would be fun. Great synth bass.
  10. PCP, Scuba: Sounds like straight-up boots & cats dance music to me until … frankly I find the song damn creepy.
  11. You Discovered the Secret and Juiced It for All Its Majesty, Venetian Snares: This song is like a denial-of-service attack on your brain.
  12. Scenes (On the Road to Shrub 2), Michael Hedges: I love this song from Taproot but I put the mellow guitars and smooth jazz sax here to give your brain a bit of a rest.
  13. Crossing Borders, Booka Shade ft. Fritz Kalkbrenner. Can a house dance track be contemplative and mellow? Yes, yes it can.
  14. Keep On Keeping On, Curtis Mayfield. The intro of the song is a little After School Special and I’m always tempted to skip it. Then I remember how great the chorus is. This is my anthem for the Trump Years.