Jeremiah watches the world go by from his RV

Mandy: Method All Up In My Madness

A new revenge movie staring Nic Cage leans heavily on slow motion, red lens filters, and not much else.
Jen (Matilda Lutz) stalks one of the men who did her wrong on a desolate desert road.


Content warning: sexual assault. After Jen is assaulted and left for dead she pulls herself together, then takes her attackers apart.
Lead actress Jane Lyle in a still from the movie Island of Death. She is hugging her knees to her shoulders, looking slightly off camera with an expression of schadenfreude.

Island of Death

This movie would be a great travel promotion for a sleepy Greek island if it wasn't for all the blood.
Joe Bob Briggs in Western attire with a bolo tie and Dwight Yoakam hat, arching his eyebrow at the camera.

Joe Bob Briggs’s “The Last Drive-In”

The single best reason to subscribe to the horror-movie streaming service Shudder is Joe Bob Briggs’s movie marathon.