Promotional shot of the Marantz MPH-4 studio headphones, large over-the-ear style.

My favorite headphones

Headphones are how I found out I had hearing loss, and maybe that’s a story I will tell a different time. But I want to talk about these headphones first because they are absolutely amazing for a much different reason than most people review the things for: they work with my hearing aids. I wear a style called “receiver-in-the-canal” or “RIC” hearing aids. These are small behind-the-ear devices that reduce bulk by moving part, but not all, of the hearing aid to the ear canal.
Jetliner landing at CLT airport in North Carolina

Keep On Keeping On: Playlist

I don’t know about you, but there’s so much music coming at me that I have trouble going back and listening to stuff I thought was interesting in the moment but need to spend more time with. So I’m going to make weekly playlists of stuff that’s caught my attention recently. These are going to be eclectic and may or may not follow a theme depending on what my listening patterns have been like recently, but hopefully you will find some good stuff in each one.
Single cover for Kon Kan's 'I Beg Your Pardon', released in 1989.

Kon Kan: I beg your pardon

When I think about music, I think about it in two periods. There’s before Kon Kan, and then there’s after Kon Kan. I know it doesn’t seem like the history of music turns on this song, but my history with music does. So let me back up. Before Kon Kan I listened to a lot of pop country, pop fifties and sixties, and a lot of Peter, Paul, & Mary / Kingston Trio stuff.