My name is John Williams. Most people know my work from Star Wars or Harry Potter. But, truth be told, my personal favorite has always been the theme from Lost in Space.

Not really. Although I did watch a heck of a lot of that show when I was a kid. That and Doctor Who, which at the time was played by a curly-haired middle-aged frood with a long scarf and shabby coat and none of my friends knew what the hell I was talking about.

I am a (mostly front-end) web developer, film buff poseur, and part-time blowhard. Thudfactor has been my tinkering lab and online journalish thing for more years than I care to think about. Long time readers — all three or four of you — will not be shocked that I've rebooted the site again. Thudfactor has been rebooted more times than the Spiderman movies.

Me, trying to look gracious about having my photo taken

In this incarnation of the site, I post in three separate streams instead of mixing everything together. Roughly speaking, those are:


My politics are liberal, and I've written about those for much of Thudfactor's history. On one hand, it's a consuming interest of mine; on another, I never intended for Thudfactor to be a blog exclusively about politics. So I'll just wall that conversation off in this little corner.


Here I'll write about technical web development issues, share tips, and occasionally wax philosophical. Using Squarespace is actually part of an experiment, and I'll talk about that some more as time goes on.


Developer I may be, but my undergraduate education is is English literature and my graduate education was in Never Making Up My Damn Mind. Truth be told, I love movies more than I ever loved books, so that's mostly what I'll write about there.

I hope you'll find something there to interest you. Thanks for joining me, and here's to no more reboots for at least, oh, another six months.