Sanders, Clinton, and the Empathy problem


Clinton and Sanders supporters really seem to be talking past each other. They both make very strong arguments in support of their candidates that completely miss why the opposition have support. Here’s one I call the “effectiveness argument:” Pro-Clinton: Clinton knows how to get things done. She’s a skilled political operative. Sanders is an idealistic dreamer. […]

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Inflexibility is not a liberal value


So take a look at this meme here. It says Hillary Clinton is less reliable than Bernie Sanders because Clinton campaigned for (arch-conservative) Goldwater in 1964 when Sanders was marching for civil rights. It’s an extreme example of a favorite political trope. The other candidate “flip-flops” but my candidate is steadfast. The obvious defense is […]

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The new (old) how to argue


From 2002 to about 2007 — the golden age of blogging — I wrote posts. Usually daily, sometimes three or four a day. A significant number of them were little more than Facebook status posts, not that we had Facebook back then. But in 2008, quite a few things changed which severely restricted my blogging. […]

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