Black and white photo of Louis Prima

Louis Prima: The Wildest!

I know Lois Armstrong, Mel Tormé, Dizzy Gillespie — somehow I missed hearing about Louis Prima.
A close-up of a screech owl.


Cis white men are losing their grip on the representation of themselves and others in our media.
A chunk of of ice floats in a thawing pond.

Let’s chat about abolishing ICE

Conservatives keep telling us to tone it down; we should take that as an invitiation to turn it up.
The ruins of a miniature golf castle peak out of the dunes of Jockeys Ridge in Nags Head, North Carolina.


Some thoughts on maintaining our civility when everything around us is an outrage.
Promotional shot of the Marantz MPH-4 studio headphones, large over-the-ear style.

My favorite headphones

Hearing loss changes how I evaluate headphones. My current favorite is a happy accident.
Jetliner landing at CLT airport in North Carolina

Keep On Keeping On: Playlist

Including Kon Kan, Herbaliser, Ronnie Hudson, Venetian Snares
Single cover for Kon Kan's 'I Beg Your Pardon', released in 1989.

Kon Kan: I beg your pardon

When I think about music, I think about it in two periods. There’s before Kon Kan, and then there’s after Kon Kan.
Arial view of a modern shopping complex with dark clouds in the distance.

Advertising abandoned ethics and it's destroying our country.

Ad networks, niche targeting, and cost-per-click combine to polarize a nation.
A caterpillar rests on a tree branch at Pandapas Pond in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Find Another Way

A response to the argument that gun control is futile because killers will just get the guns illegally or use some other weapon.