Hello World

Vincent Price reveals himself
“Alive in Triumph, and you thought me slain!”

So this has been my site since somewhere around 2000. I started it out as a sort of blog kind of thing, and then kept it that way for a long time. Shut it down a few years back and focused my attention on Filmhydra, a movie review site. I also have a professional portfolio site that I haven't updated in too long.

Facebook and Twitter sucked all of the air out of blogging culture somewhere around 2007, which is a damn shame. With those two on the ropes, I am hoping it's time to go old-skool again.

Over the years, this has been a custom built site, run off Moveable Type, Wordpress (Multiple Times), Textpattern, Joomla, Drupal (Multiple times), SquareSpace, Medium, Hugo, Tumblr, and … now … 11ty. Although blogging is a hobby, my profession is web development and sometimes that means I get distracted by the platform.

It will get bloggy around here eventually, I think, assuming I can stop tinkering with the engine long enough to write something.