What kind of nonsense is health insurance anyway?

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I mean, seriously. Insurance is a bet: it’s a bet that you’ll pay more for the insurance over the long run than the insurer will have to pay out. Renters insurance, auto insurance, even life insurance – it’s how they make money.

But medical insurance? You’ve got to be kidding me. The only way you can turn a profit is to insure mostly healthy and sterile people. You have to abandon those people who need it the most. We’re almost all of us a job loss and an illness away from bankruptcy, and once you have that uncovered pre-existing condition you can kiss your insurance goodbye. It’s the stupidest way to fund health care ever devised by man. Right down there with “we’ll fund health care by selling tickets to hamster races.”

Oh hey. Here’s Michelle Malkin whining about the high cost of insurance. See? Even the stalker wingnut of the assholosphere knows health insurance is a crazy stupid idea.



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