“Outside” review — other players speak

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When I posted my review of “Outside” I didn’t expect too much attention, but I recommended it to StumbleUpon anyway. (First rule of self-promotion: toot your own horn.)

It wasn’t too long before I got back an abusive commenter who whined – in between four-letter words – that my post was not original, was in fact very dull, and I should think twice before ever writing anything ever again. When he discovered his post was placed in the moderation queue (as all first-time comments are), I instantly got a second snarky comment from him about moderating to ensure nothing but laudatory comments about my craptactular writing. Out of a surfeit of generosity I deleted his comments so he wouldn’t look foolish.

That post went on to get nearly four thousand visitors that day. As Thudfactor averages about eighty hits a day, four thousand is a respectable number. Folks have started writing in additional gripes about “Outside,” and most of them are really spot-on. I recommend you read the comments.



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