So, about me. My name is John Williams but I can’t write any music at all. In my youth I sucked at playing trombone, but around ninth grade I gave that up because of the marching which happened outdoors and also involved people screaming at you because we were apparently a paramilitary institution instead of a band. I switched to piano, which weighs too much to be a marching instrument, and sucked at that for many more years. Nowdays I suck at playing bass guitar.

Anyway, that is my overly elaborate answer to anyone who asks me if I wrote the Star Wars theme.

One thing I don’t suck at is web development. I have been doing web development for so long I remember when using tables for layout was the new exciting strategy for web design. Nowdays, of course, we have experienced web developers who probably never even heard of the idea. That makes me feel old, dear hearts.

I’ve been maintaining some version or other of this weblog, with varying degrees of engagement, since 2002. I eventually took all the old pages offline because they were getting difficult to schlep around and also because reading stuff I wrote ten years ago made me want to get a time machine and smack myself.

People who have followed me for a long time know that I have changed content management systems for blogs more often lately than I have written posts; this is a side-effect of being a web developer who works professionally with content management systems. This current version is Jekyll which I run locally through Docker and deploy to GitLab via their continuous integration – a process that mirrors a lot of my workday workflow.

This incarnation of the blog was created July 29, 2017, approximately ninteen hours after President Trump fired Reince Priebus via Tweet and installed John Kelly, the secretary of homeland security, as his new Chief of Staff. My rebooting the blog and the firing of Preibus are not related.